Since 2015, ACT has been collecting the stories of the missing and the disappeared from their families. These stories are published on the interactive platform Fushat Amal.   Here some of the people that disappeared at this location based on family information.   If you have any information of people that may have disappeared at this location, please click “participate” on the left tab or contact

Name: Atef Abed El Bakk
Date of Disappearance:
July 2, 1987

Name: Hayrabed Orforian
Date of Disappearance:
October 1, 1983

Name: Hanna Tannous
Date of Disappearance:
April 1, 1977

Name: Karim Shahla
Date of Disappearance:
October 27, 1983

Name: Ahmad Shkef
Date of Disappearance:
January 6, 1984

Name: Khalil Damaj
Date of Disappearance:
July 18, 1988

Name: Shaker Rizk
Date of Disappearance:
March 12, 1991

Name: Ali Qassem
Date of Disappearance:


The multiple untold stories of the War play an important role in our understanding of what happened. Below are extracts of videos of individuals recounting stories related to this site of memory.   ACT collects these stories and publishes extracts of them. If you have a personal story relating to this location, please click “participate” on the left tab or contact

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